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Life Assurance provides a benefit upon maturity of the policy or in the event of the untimely demise of a loved one. The benefits can help to pay off an existing mortgage on the house, help to complete the children’s education without interruption, etc.

Therefore planning for the future and protecting against uncertainty is why insurance exists.

There are basically four types of life assurance policies available:

  • Term Assurance
  • Whole Life Assurance
  • Endowment Assurance
  • Investment Link Assurance

Anika has also specially designed a worksite marketing plan specially for you. The insurance is a caring life insurance policy that empowers you with flexible choices and comprehensive protection at very affordable price.

The insurance provides worldwide, round-the-clock comprehensive protection at a very affordable price. In addition to various attractive benefits and extra protections, your policy will accumulate maturity value that can further strenthen your financial health while empowering you with the flexibitity of choice.


  • 4 flexible & comprehensive plan for you to choose from (RM20,000 to RM125,000)
  • Covers Death, Total Permanent Disability & 36 Critical Illnesses
  • Flat premium irrespective of age
  • Spouse & Children can enroll on the same plan
  • Hassle free application - simplified application form and no medical examination for applicants aged 50 and below (for standard case)
  • Premium as low as RM30 per month with 24 hours worldwide coverage
  • Guaranteed continuity coverage after leaving the organization
  • Cash value upon maturity at age 55/65
  • Income Tax relief

4 Plans to choose from:

Product Features
Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3
Plan 4
Natural Death or TPD
RM30,000 + *AIF
RM60,000 + *AIF
RM90,000 + *AIF
RM120,000 + *AIF
Accidental Death or TPD
RM60,000 + *AIF
RM120,000 + *AIF
RM180,000 + *AIF
RM240,000 + *AIF
Critical Illness
RM30,000 + *AIF
RM60,000 + *AIF
RM90,000 + *AIF
RM120,000 + *AIF
Bereavement Benefit
Partial Permanent Disability
According to the "Schedule Indemnities"
Hospital Benefit
RM20 per day
RM25 per day
RM30 per day
RM35 per day
Repatriation Benefit
maturity Benefit @ Age 55/65
100% AIF
100% AIF
100% AIF
100% AIF
Monthly Contribution

What can Anika Insurance Brokers offer you?

Anika Insurance Brokers (AIB) is an independent financial adviser. Unlike an agent, we do not limit your buying decision to the products of just one insurance company. Instead, we offer you many and varied alternatives to help you arrive at your decision as we are able to source for the best options available from the market.

AIB's main priority is to represent you and provide professional advice on all insurance matters. As an independent financial adviser, we act in your sole interest to find the most suitable insurance plan and at the most competitive terms. We then, offer solutions based on the right combination of price, coverage and service to fit your particular situation. With an abundance of products and more than a dozen funds to invest in, you will be spoilt for choice.

As the leading insurance broker in Malaysia, we continuously explore new avenues and services in the financial arena to serve you better.


For further information, please contact us at 03-26914244 or e-mail enquiry@anika.com.my



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